What type of box do I need to protect my goods?

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One of the most fundamental functions of packaging is to protect your items during transit and storage.

Items that arrive damaged, or do not reach their destination at all, may discourage customers from purchasing your products in the future; not to mention costs associated with handling returns.

Below is an overview of transit boxes to help you choose the right level of protection for your products. Remember to always check the recommended load for the box to ensure it’s suitable to safely hold the weight of your goods.

Single Wall Boxes
Single wall boxes are great for packing and storing lighter objects. If you are shipping heavier loads, you may want to consider a double wall box which offers a better protection against punctures from sharp objects in transit.

However, thanks to the latest developments in corrugate board, some single wall boxes can offer similar protection to double wall boards, which provides an excellent opportunity to reduce the size and weight of your parcels. A packaging expert will be able to advise you on the best solution for your products.

Double Wall Boxes
These heavy-duty boxes contain two layers of fluting to provide better protection for your products. With a range of sizes available, they are ideal for handling and shipping heavy or bulky objects.

Always check the approximate load guide to ensure that the box will be strong enough for the weight of your product to withstand shipping.

Postal Tubes
If you are struggling to find a suitable box for irregular items such as umbrellas or golf clubs, postal tubes may come in handy. They are designed to fit tightly in order to secure the contents in transit and are available in different sizes to suit various applications.

If you’re concerned about the cylindrical shape of the tube rolling in storage or transit, there are similar options available that address this issue like postal cubes. Their square design accommodates irregular items and enables product stacking in storage or for palletisation.

Export Boxes
Strong and durable, export boxes are great for transporting and storing heavy items. They are specially manufactured to fit onto pallets without crushing or damaging your products, and each box has a clearly displayed IATA (International Air Transport Association) reference.

BDCM Boxes
Bulk Distribution Carton Metric Boxes are strong, quality containers commonly used in the retail, clothing and catalogue trade. Available in different sizes, they can be supplied with printed trade shipping details if requested by retailers.

Bottle Boxes
Bottle boxes are ideal for sending wine, beer and champagne bottles in the post or via courier, with a protective insert they ensure protection in transit and storage. These boxes fit standard 70cl and 75cl sizes, and can accommodate one, two, three, six, nine or twelve bottles to meet various requirements.

Suspension and Retention Boxes
Suspension and Retention Boxes, like Sealed Air’s Korrvu®, are an ideal packaging solution for electronics and other fragile products. They contain a strong film liner that holds your products in place during transportation and storage, eliminating the need for additional void film or packing.

If unsure of the right box for your products, Macfarlane Packaging is here to help.

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