7 ways to deliver the WOW factor for your customers

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Brand loyalty is vital for every business. Some businesses get it right and have a fanatical customer base, but what is it that they do differently to engage customers in this way?

You will find those companies with the highest brand loyalty typically don’t just do what they promise; they also deliver a WOW factor – something above and beyond customer expectations.

It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture. Sometimes it’s the small, thoughtful things that can mean a lot. What does that have to do with packaging?

While the WOW factor typically starts with great customer service and ease of ordering, it should most definitely be sustained up to and including the moment your customer receives their product.

Whether it’s purchased off the shelf or received through the post, the customer reaction to the packaging is a vital part of their shopping experience.

Below are a few considerations to help inject the WOW factor into your packaging:

1. Get the product there first time and in one piece – Sounds obvious right? However, how many times have you opened a pack to find your item damaged? If your item is coming through the post, how disappointing is it to find a “sorry we missed you” card through the door when you were expecting a parcel? And then when you schlep to the post office and open the huge box you find an itty bitty item that could so easily have fitted through your letterbox…

2. Make the package easy to open – We’ve all been there, keen to open up our new purchase only to find we need a hammer and chisel to get the precious item out! Houdini completed great feats of escape in less time. Easy open packs with tear strips are a brilliant solution, readily available and can offer great protection – there’s no excuse!

3. Don’t overpack – As a customer there is nothing worse than having lots and lots of awkward packaging to dispose of. Not only is it a pain but it also shows a lack of care for the environment.

4. Consider the recyclability of the pack – We’ve already discussed what a pain it is to dispose of too much packaging. This becomes a bigger headache if the pack is not easily recyclable (especially if it’s a pack that needs to be split before disposal). Use sustainable materials where possible to make it easy for your customers to recycle.

5. Carry your branding to the inside – If you’re sending your product through the post then parcel security and anonymity can be essential. However, brand
experience happens when you open your product… How wonderful for your customer to find a message from you on the inside of the shipper pack. Not only does it reinforce your brand, it also delivers a warm glow to the recipient.

6. Offer returnable packaging – As a customer, if you receive a product that’s unsuitable or damaged, it can be a problem to find suitable packaging to return the product to the supplier. By offering a returnable pack, you’re not only removing that headache, but ensuring your products arrive back to your warehouse in one piece.

7. Make it easy – It is important to make sure your customers receive a positive experience, whichever route they choose to take in collecting their items. Bags and boxes that come with handles, make it much easier for the customer to walk away from a store with their items. This also eliminates the need for repacking in retail bags, ultimately reducing the amount of packaging waste.

The value of the “WOW” needn’t be high, but it can add real value to your business.

Remember, that sale to your customer is more than just a one on one transaction. It can generate word of mouth recommendations and have an impact on your company perception through social media.

If you would like to add the WOW factor to your packaging, then contact Macfarlane Packaging today.

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