Meeting customer expectations: is your packaging “return-ready”?

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January is typically one of the busiest months for online returns.

The festive period is over and many of us may wish to return those baggy trousers or unwanted “Bridget Jones” movies that we got for Christmas!

Not only do we want to send things back, we want to return them quickly, free of charge and without the hassle of finding suitable packaging.

Clothes and shoes are among the most likely items to be returned, according to the Royal Mail.

A recent study from IMRG shows that 74% of customers consider a good return service important when deciding who they shop with. Despite this, our own research has found that only 22% of the 119 parcels that we ordered came in packaging that was returnable.

The return of an item does not mean that customers will not come back. In fact, you can turn unwanted gifts into loyal customers by providing them with a shopping experience they will never forget.

How can you do this?

Ensure you send your products in packaging that can be easily reused for returns and always provide clear return instructions. This will spare your customers unnecessary hassle, and positively surprise them with the level of service that you offer.

You will also maximise product protection by making sure that your items are safe on their way back to your warehouse. This will help to reduce the costs associated with damaged products.

At Macfarlane Packaging, we offer a range of bespoke returnable packages that can be customised to suit your specific requirements. Contact us today to find out more:

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