7 uses for bubble wrap you might not have known about

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Bubble wrap is probably one of the most commonly used packaging products around the globe.

Not only is it great for protecting your products, it is also known for its great stress-relieving properties (who doesn’t like popping those little bubbles, right?)

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, and we are looking at some of the lesser-known uses for bubble wrap below.

1. Wall Protection
If your door damages the wall when it’s open put some bubble wrap where the door handles hits it first (or simply wrap the handle in some bubble). This will help to prevent wall damage in the future!

2. Shower curtains
Without much hassle you can turn spare sheets of bubble wrap into nice shower curtains.

3. Shopping bag
Prevent ice cream from melting on your way back from store by inserting some bubble wrap into your shopping bag. Its insulating properties will help keep it cool.

4. Furniture covers
Going away on holiday? Cover your furniture with bubble wrap to prevent dust from settling down.

5. Car Windshield
Tired of scraping your windscreen every morning? Don’t worry, bubble wrap is here to help! Thanks to those good insulation properties, bubble wrap can help to prevent frost from forming on your windscreen.

6. Plant covers
Winter is a difficult time for outside plants. Frost can damage their roots and cause the surface of containers to crack. Protect your plants from winter frosts by wrapping bubble wrap around your pots.

7. Handbags
Handbags tend to lose their shape if left unused for a while. Put some bubble wrap inside your handbags to prevent it from happening.

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