Macfarlane Packaging switch all bubble wrap stock to a minimum 50% recycled content offering.

Macfarlane Packaging, the UK’s largest distributor of protective packaging materials, has announced that from August 1st, they will be replacing their existing stock bubble wrap with a new Sealed Air AirCap® bubble wrap which contains a minimum of 50% recycled material.

The inclusion of recycled content reduces the amount of virgin material used in production and contributes to reducing the amount of plastic waste going into landfill.

The new format AirCap® bubble still has the Sealed Air barrier seal, which traps the air for longer and ensures consistent cushioning to protect products for longer, as well as helping to protect the environment.

The switch to a minimum 50% recycled content AirCap® bubble will be made to all Macfarlane Packaging stock of small, medium and large bubble rolls. Virgin material bubble wrap will still be available to those customers who request it, but it’s hoped that the majority of customers will see the benefit of switching to a recycled content bubble.

As well as the change in material, the Aircap® bubble wrap is sold in 200-metre length rolls, which maximises transportation and storage space –  you can fit 20% more AirCap® ELRT 200m bubble than standard AirCap® E 100m. The longer roll also reduces the amount of manual handling and roll changes in production.

Marketing Manager, Laurel Granville commented, “Our switch to this high recycled content bubble widens our offering of sustainable packaging solutions and provides our customers with a further opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint and meet their CSR goals.”