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Macfarlane Packaging launches a new series of cost reduction videos

Macfarlane Packaging has recently released a series of videos to help their customers identify the hidden costs that may be in their packaging operations.

Each video focuses on one key cost-saving area, offering a brief overview of the problem and possible solutions to help. The series covers six topics: storage, transport, product damage and returns, administration, productivity and customer experience… The Significant Six Costs.

The videos emphasise the connection between all six costs – Tackling one of them helps minimise the impact of the others, saving money, time and resources while speeding up packaging operations.

The series aims to raise awareness of the total cost of packaging, encouraging viewers to look beyond the obvious unit price, which is only the tip of the iceberg.

To watch all six videos or find out more about the Macfarlane’s Significant Six cost reduction programme, visit: https://macfarlanepackaging.com/services/reduce-costs/storage-costs/