new website screenshot

Macfarlane Packaging improves website to enhance user experience

Macfarlane Packaging has recently revamped its homepage to ensure easier navigation and a more optimised website journey for its customers.

The new homepage includes a dynamic banner display and a new navigation bar that consists of six sections – each representing a different opportunity to reduce costs.

This reflects the Macfarlane’s Significant Six model, structured around the six main packaging costs that hide in most packaging operations. They are: storage costs, transport costs, product damage and returns, admin costs, productivity and customer experience.

The new layout enables customers to easily identify the area they want to concentrate on and each of the six section offers a comprehensive overview of the problem and suggests possible solutions.

Visitors who would like to find out more about the hidden costs and how to tackle them can fill out a short enquiry form available on all the cost reduction pages.

They will then be contacted by one of the Macfarlane’s packaging experts who will be happy to provide more information and discuss their specific requirements.

To view the new homepage and revised Significant Six pages, visit: