macfarlane group

COVID 19 – An update from Macfarlane Group (19.05.2020)

We recently asked you to indicate what improvements we could make in order to support you more effectively in addressing the challenges of COVID-19.

Thank you for your feedback which is important for us to help meet your changing needs. I summarise below the key areas that were highlighted for improvement and our planned actions:


  • Most of you are satisfied with the level and frequency of our contact with you.
  • We are planning to make our people more accessible and able to respond to queries even more quickly.


  • You were positive on the reliability and the helpfulness of our drivers.
  • We are looking to provide more delivery flexibility and out of hours deliveries.

Online Ordering

  • Many of you valued the benefits of online ordering.
  • We are allocating more resource to support those customers looking to manage their packaging purchases online and increasing the capability and speed of Simplicit.e our online ordering portal.

Forward Purchasing

  • A number of you see the security of supply on key lines as critical.
  • Availability of forward purchasing options will be better communicated.

We will ensure you are all fully briefed as we roll-out our improvement programmes in these areas.

Meanwhile, all our sites are fully operational and our teams both on site and those working from home are available to respond to your protective packaging needs to ensure the vital products and equipment you supply to reach their destination safely.

The Macfarlane team is immensely proud to support our customers. We all fully recognise the products and equipment you supply are playing a critical role in enabling the country to work its way through the COVID-19 crisis.

I am always available if I can personally be of help during this challenging period.

Stay safe.

Best regards,

Peter D Atkinson
Chief Executive