Consumers to lift the lid on Unboxing experiences in 7th annual Macfarlane Packaging Survey



Macfarlane Packaging, the UK’s leading distributor of protective packaging, is today (4 July 2022) asking consumers to lift the lid on their packaging experiences as it launches its 7th annual unboxing survey.

The annual survey provides valuable insights into consumer opinion of e-commerce packaging and the impact it has on their online shopping experience. This information is important to retailers and their 3PL (third party logistics) partners in shaping the customer experience and organising their supply chain operations. Consumers will be able to contribute to the research until 21 August 2022.

This year’s research aims to uncover if companies are using the right amount of packaging and if retailers are maximising opportunities for branding on packaging. Following last year’s insight that almost a fifth of consumers won’t buy from a retailer if they don’t use sustainable packaging, the survey will also evaluate how eco-friendly consumers perceive companies’ packaging to be.

Laurel Granville, Marketing Director of Macfarlane Packaging, said “Last year’s research revealed that many consumers intended to continue to shop online more in a post Covid-19 environment and that sustainable packaging was increasingly being seen as a differentiator for retailers. This year, we hope to gain greater insight into consumer opinions on packaging and how this will impact retailers.”

The survey will open on Monday, 4th July 2022 and close on Sunday, 21st August 2022 at 23.59.

To take part in the survey:

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