Four timber pallet alternatives to reduce shipment weight

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The average wooden pallet weighs 20kg. With a typical vehicle load of 18 pallets, that’s 360kg of additional load weight, or 720kg if you are double stacking.

You could be adding a lot of weight to your shipments…

If you are using traditional, heavy wooden pallets, you may be able to switch to a lightweight alternative that will help reduce your overall shipment weight.

Many of these alternatives are exempt from ISPM15 rules, which could be an added benefit if you ship your products to the EU given newly introduced Brexit legislation.

Below are four options you may want to consider:

Heavy-duty corrugate pallets are incredibly light, but very strong and durable.

Weighing only 4kg each, they can hold up to 750kg and are exempt from ISPM15 regulations, meaning they can be shipped worldwide.

They are also foldable, space-saving and extremely clean to handle, as they have no splinters or nails.


Presswood pallets combine 85% natural wood fibre with synthetic resin and are moulded at high temperatures to provide smooth, solid base that also protects loads from moisture a contamination.

Compliant with ISPM15 regulations, the pallets have a “nesting” feature that saves over 50% of storage space when not in use. The pallets have rounded corners without nails or screws for improved handling.


Plastic pallets are lightweight, ISPM15 exempt, and can be reused for approximately 250 journeys.

As plastic pallets are non-porous, they can be washed and sterilized, which makes them especially suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Again, these pallets have no nails or splinters for easy manual handling.


Corrugate pallet runners can be attached to the base of boxes to negate the need for a pallet. They can hold up to 800kg per pair and are used just like a regular pallet.
There is a strong adhesive on the rails, which means no screws or assembly are required.


If you are interested in heat-treated pallets or their lightweight alternatives, contact Macfarlane Packaging today.

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