The impact of automating your packaging operation on labour costs

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Could automating your packaging operation be the solution you’re looking for?

The UK is facing a labour shortage. Combined with supply and demand increasing prices and impacting supply chains, businesses are faced with rising costs and issues with productivity.

In this challenging environment, it’s no wonder that businesses are looking for ways to boost their efficiency and control spiralling labour costs! So, how can businesses do this?

Have you ever considered how the packaging you use impacts your productivity and therefore your labour costs? Packaging automation could be the answer.

what is packaging automation?

What is packaging automation?

Packaging automation uses packaging machinery at various stages in the packing processes. This can be any stage from making boxes through to filling, taping, and labelling. Machinery used for packaging automation can be semi or fully automated.

packaging automation improving productivity

The impact of packaging automation on labour costs

One of the biggest benefits of automating your packaging operation is improving productivity and efficiency. This has a direct link to your labour requirements and therefore labour costs.

For example, installing automated tape machines can cut the time your staff spend sealing boxes. Compared to a hand-held tape dispenser, an automated tape machines needs fewer roll changes, saving valuable time.

As the name suggests, semi-automated machines partially automate a packaging process, so will still need more people to operate them. If you invest in full automated equipment, you can slash the resource you need throughout the year – even during peak. You have the potential to streamline your labour spend and potentially eliminate seasonal labour requirements. This saving can often offset the initial investment you outlay for any automated packaging systems within a matter of months.

how can packaging automation benefit your business

How else can packaging automation benefit your business?

As well as helping you reduce labour costs, introducing packaging automation can help you:

  • Improve productivity and gain more control
  • Save valuable storage space and reduce packaging SKUs you use
  • Reduce packaging material waste and lower your impact on the environment
  • Lower your transport costs through consistent sizing
  • Optimise your in-transit product protection
  • Enhance your customer experience
packaging automation for small businesses and large businesses

Packaging automation to suit any size of business

There are packaging automation solutions available to suit businesses of any size. The Macfarlane Packaging team can work with you to recommend packaging machinery and equipment that is tailored to you. Send us an enquiry for more information.

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