The benefits of using recycled content boxes 

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Cardboard boxes are the bread and butter of the packaging world! The chances are, if you work in a warehouse or any environment that packs products it’s likely you’ll have used one. It’s thought that around 5 billion corrugated cardboard boxes are made each year in the UK – that’s about 83 per person and a lot of cardboard.

Positively, cardboard is made from a renewable resource and can be recycled. And while many boxes are still made using virgin (new) paper, lots of cardboard boxes are made using significant amounts of recycled content. In fact,  we’ve just relaunched our single and double wall stock boxes to contain high levels of recycled content!  

So, with this in mind, our blog this week will be taking a look at the benefits of using recycled content boxes and how they can help you to make your packaging more sustainable! Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, making the switch to recycled content cardboard boxes can have a positive impact on the environment and your brand reputation. Let’s dive in and explore the world of sustainable packaging together! 


What is recycled content packaging?

Recycled content packaging is any packaging that uses recycled (non-virgin) materials during the manufacturing process. The recycled content can refer to by-products from initial manufacturing processes or post-consumer waste. This includes products you have popped in your at-home recycling. 

Many different packaging materials will include recycled content. Common examples include cardboard boxes, plastic bags and even drinks bottles. 

The benefits of using recycled content cardboard boxes  

Choosing recycled content cardboard boxes will offer you multiple benefits. Not only will recycled cardboard boxes provide a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging option, but they also offer cost savings and high-quality durability.  

Let’s explore the benefits of using recycled content boxes:  

Environmental benefits of recycled content boxes 

By opting for recycled content boxes, you’re actively helping protect the environment. Using recycled content packaging will: 

  • Conserve natural resources – using recycled materials means new resources aren’t being used. This helps conserve ecological balance, by reducing the strain on raw materials in our planet’s ecosystem.  
  • Cut CO2 emissions during packaging manufacturing – using recycled materials is less taxing on the environment as it produces fewer emissions compared to virgin materials. In fact, processing recycled paper produces 100kg less CO2e than virgin material, when using a closed loop system. (Source)  
  • Divert waste from landfill – when the waste we produce is recycled, it diverts it from landfill. This helps reduce greenhouse gas production and minimises land and water pollution too – 80% of which originates on land according to UNEP
  • Help us move towards a more circular economy – a circular economy is one where materials are reused and repurposed, rather than wasted in a linear economy.  

These factors mean that by choosing recycled cardboard boxes, you’re automatically making your packing operation more sustainable.  

Cost-saving benefits of using recycled content boxes  

Sometimes, you might think that choosing more sustainable packaging means increasing your packaging costs. However, it’s often untrue.  

Boxes made from recycled content often don’t attract a higher cost. Plus, recycling programs and legislation – like Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) –  may incentivise business to use materials that are easier to recycle. In the case of EPR, it’s predicted that paper-based packaging will be taxed less than plastic counterparts.  

Quality and durability of recycled content cardboard boxes  

Contrary to common misconceptions, recycled content boxes are just as durable and reliable as boxes made from new / virgin materials. Recycled cardboard fibres are still as strong and capable of providing good protection for your products, especially when you’ve chosen the right size box and paired it with appropriate in-box protection.

Different types of recycled content cardboard boxes available 

As Macfarlane Packaging, we provide a huge range of recycled content cardboard boxes that are high quality, sturdy and durable, as well as being eco-friendly.  

  • Single wall cardboard boxes made from recycled content – we offer over 40 sizes of single wall 0201 style cardboard boxes that all contain 90% recycled content, which are made from FSC® certified materials.   
  • Double wall cardboard boxes made from recycled content – our range of 0201 double wall boxes are made from 100% recycled content too! Perfect for storing or shipping heavier goods. They’re also made from FSC® certified sources.  
  • Other recycled content boxes – our range of recycled content boxes doesn’t stop there either. Many of our ecommerce and postal boxes, as well as pallet boxes all contain high levels of recycled content. Look out for our “Environmental Impact Rating” when browsing our products. We can also provide custom boxes made with recycled material too.  

By choosing recycled content boxes, you not only contribute to a greener future but you can also benefit from the other advantages they offer. All while protecting your product with a high-quality packaging solution.

Support with sustainable packaging 

Recycled content boxes are just one of the sustainable packaging solutions that are available to you. If you need help navigating which sustainable packaging option is best for your business, Macfarlane experts are here to provide advice and support.  

Tools like our Packaging Optimiser can show you the real environmental impact of the packaging you choose, illustrating the CO2e associated with it. For more support, get in touch today.

If you are interested in optimising your packaging and reducing the weight of your packaging use, contact us today.