Seasonal packaging solutions for a magical unboxing experience

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With high levels of demand and material shortages, it’s time to think about your seasonal packaging. Leaving it until the last minute will cause headaches for your business, but may also leave your customers disappointed.

Your packaging is often the first connection a customer has with your brand so it has to be positive. All the more so with fewer opportunities to bring them into your retail space. The right packaging can deliver the store experience right into their home.

We’ve put together some tips to ensure you deliver a magical unboxing experience this year…

Order custom seasonal packaging early

There are a number of custom packaging solutions available, from printed tapes to custom sized boxes and branded air cushions. There are many possibilities to make your packs look unique to your brand and deliver a great unboxing experience. However, lead times for these products are longer than usual due to current market conditions so don’t leave it too late!

If your business is looking to launch a range of advent calendars this year make sure you plan ahead so you can launch on time. Custom advent calendars are made to order and can be printed in any design and colour. They are fully customisable and are great for a range of items including food and drink, cosmetics and candles.

If branded packaging is not in your budget this year there are other ways to deliver the WOW factor. For example, adding colourful tissue paper or ribbons to your packs will help enhance the appearance of your products.

How we helped Halford’s with custom Christmas packaging…

Halfords challenged us to redesign a range of bike boxes for their children’s Christmas bike range.

The packaging for children’s bikes must allow for wide stunt pegs and stabilisers. They were using boxes that achieved this by leaving empty spaces inside. These spaces were filled with plastic to protect the bikes during transportation.

However, Halfords want to reduce the amount of plastic they use in packaging to help protect the environment. They needed boxes that were optimised for protection and sustainability. We designed a system that uses three bespoke inserts in four sizes of box. The range is now being used to successfully package 90 bike models.

Don't overpack

Bulky and overpacked parcels are less likely to fit through a letterbox, meaning your customers may not get their delivery first time.

Lighter, optimised packages will also help you reduce transport costs, as you will be able to fit more parcels on a pallet, and they will also look smarter, enhancing customer experience.

Seasonal packaging should still be easy to return

How do you save customers the hassle of having to find a box to return goods in? Simple. Use packs that are easy to reseal and return. It’s also much better for the environment! Include a second seal strip to reinforce parcel security and prevent it from opening in transit, minimising the risk of damage.


Christmas and Black Friday may be unpredictable this year as it has become harder to forecast demand during the pandemic. If you would like help with your seasonal packaging get in touch today.


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