Retail Packaging: How to make your products stand out to customers

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The retail packaging you choose can drive customer buying behaviours. It affects their overall decision to buy, or not to buy, your products.

First impressions matter. From presentational and retail to shelf ready (SRP), packaging can convey the value of your products instantly. It also has the power to promote your brand so it’s important to get it right, wherever you display your goods.

There are 4 key areas of store display and retail packaging to consider.

Presentational Retail packaging

Presentational Retail packaging

Individual product packaging is an opportunity to promote your brand. Packaging should reflect the quality of the product inside it: luxury products deserve luxury packaging.

So choose beautifully printed solid board boxes, embossed with foil or embellished with bows or ribbon ties. Such details reinforce the value of your product to consumers. Choose “keepsake” boxes with magnetic closures. People often keep these for everyday storage and they’re a constant reminder of your brand. And finally, complete your in-store transaction with a high-end gift bag that can also be used for gifting. Because we all like to be handed a luxury bag at the counter, right?

Point-of-sale displays & Shelf Ready Packaging

Point-of-sale displays & Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

If you need to make your product stand out in multiple stores, choose a point-of-sale display unit. It can release your products from those already groaning shelves.

These free-standing shelving units can be custom printed with your choice of design. They are available in a range of styles and really grab attention. They’ll attract shoppers that hadn’t even realised they needed your product!

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) is essentially a printed shipper carton. It has tear away panels that leave a tray for your products to sit in. It allows stores to replenish shelves quickly and easily, while giving you space for branding opportunities. This makes it easier to attract consumers to your products, with bright colours or quirky messaging.

Retail Packaging and seasonal peaks

Retail Packaging and seasonal peaks

Businesses are always looking for new and creative ways to sell their products. One trend that’s increased year on year with our own customers is branded advent calendars.

Advent calendars carry everything from beauty products to alcoholic tipples, pork scratchings to dog treats. They were once the preserve of small children but are fast becoming a boom industry. And you can choose the size that suits you. Packs can easily be made to accommodate bigger items like cosmetics, or even 24 cans of craft beer.

If you like some of the suggestions in this post, you’ll have to move quickly. Planning for seasonal packaging needs to happen months in advance. The season to be jolly demands huge volumes of corrugate packaging, so only advanced planning will ensure you have enough. And without Christmas packaging, there’ll be no Christmas!


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