Reducing your business costs – what you could do differently

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Reducing your business costs – what you could do differently

As we steer our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are forced to actively seek new ways to reduce costs or work differently.

A rethink of your packaging can uncover savings and improvements in all areas of your operation.

We frequently publish blogs which talk about the potentials of reviewing your packaging; we thought a quick roll together of previous articles may prove a useful resource for you at this time.

Freeing up storage space, reducing costs

Much of the work we do is around freeing up space in the warehouse to reduce storage costs. This is more salient than ever currently as businesses struggle for floor space to accommodate social distancing. Take a look at our blog Five ways to make the most out of your storage space.

As social distancing restrictions impact workplaces, some businesses are looking for ways to meet order capacity with a reduced team.  Our blog Do you have enough labour in the warehouse?

gives some ideas to help reduce workload while improving productivity and maximising storage space.

Transportation costs

Reviewing your packaging can help increase pallet yield, while reducing your transportation costs and your carbon footprint. Take a look at our blog How to slash your transportation costs and reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your cost to serve damages and returns

In our experience, we still meet a lot of businesses who focus on the actual cost of the packaging without taking into account the value of damages and returns – for example customer service, administration, product replacement, additional labour and logistics, product write-off. Our blog How to prevent costly returns gives some considerations for you to help avoid high return rates.

Review your stretch wrap costs

An area where we have a lot of customer cost reduction success is on stretch wrap reviews. There are some high specification, low micron films available that can reduce your costs without compromising load containment. Many buyers are stuck in the rut of reviewing price-per-roll when, in reality, a price comparison in weight-per-wrap can throw up significant savings. Read our Blog Reduce stretch wrap usage and minimise costs.

We also have packaging tips to just get you through…

If you are struggling to see into the near future and just want some quick tips to manage the increased workload, our blog Packaging tips for challenging times may be the one for you.

The team at Macfarlane are here to support you. If you would like some help or advice to get you back on track, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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