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Packaging plays a key role in protecting products from damage in transit and storage, which is particularly important when high value items are involved.

The right packaging will not only help you minimise costs associated with damages and returns; it will also increase your productivity and help to improve customer experience.

We have recently worked with Peak Scientific, one of the leading companies in the design and manufacture of high performance on-site gas generators, and helped them achieve significant savings across their packaging operation.

Prior to engaging with Macfarlane Packaging, Peak Scientific was using solid timber crates to ship their products. Freight and productivity costs were high, packs were taking up too much space, and overall customer experience did not reflect the value of the brand.

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities and design expertise with 3D modelling software SolidWorks enabled us to create a lightweight yet strong packaging solution. To this end, we selected a range of lightweight, high-performing packaging materials designed to reduce impact shock for the product.

The new pack was 50% lighter than the original solution, which helped the company to reduce their overall pack costs by 30%. It was also fitted with a ramp to ensure the ease of packing and product removal for the customer.

The packs were printed with company’s logo and key messaging for an enhanced brand experience and drop tested to ISTA standards to guarantee they offered the optimum product protection in transit.

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