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As the lockdown restrictions on certain businesses begin to ease, it’s time to think about making your business ready for the return to “a new normal”. We thought we’d help by highlighting a few quick and relatively inexpensive products that could support you as you make preparations.


Floor marking tape

We’ve all become accustomed to standing two metres apart in some shop queues now, thanks to the help of floor marking tape. Supermarkets, in particular, were super quick to pick up on this low cost but effective option.  It’s great for providing a visual cue to keep everyone aware of the social distancing required.  If applied correctly it can be long-lasting but, it will also be easy to remove when no longer needed.


Floor stickers

Available in a range of prints and designs, floor stickers are an eye-catching way to facilitate new one way systems in the workplace (an arrow print for example) or to lay down as markers to indicate a two-metre distance.  Colourful and compact, they provide high impact signals whilst looking neat and orderly.


Social distance corrugate shields

Two metre high corrugate shields printed with a social distancing warning are a low cost but effective way to ensure safe distances are maintained. Suitable for use in a retail and industrial setting, they can be used as signage or as a separator between workstations to keep team members safely apart.  The shield is rigid and stable but can be flat packed and fully recycled when they are no longer required.


Perspex screens and partitions

Perspex screen is a long-lasting, durable way to protect staff whilst maintaining a light and open environment. Depending on your preference they can either be affixed to the work area or left free-standing which can allow for remodelling as distancing rules adapt and change.  Perspex screens are available in single sheets or in “wraparound” configurations which are especially good for desks and workstations.


If you need help or advice on the options available to get your employees back to work safely, contact Macfarlane Packaging today.

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