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Happy New Year! As 2017 is upon us, we thought it was time to look at some of the key trends and developments in the packaging industry for the year ahead.

Below are our predicted packaging trends for 2017…

Trend 1: Growth in Online Sales

eCommerce sales are constantly growing. According to recent statistics by Eurostat, an astonishing 87% of internet users in the UK made a purchase online in the 12 months prior to the survey.

For many of us, online shopping is convenient, and offers a wider range of products, often at a lower price than in store.

For a retailer it’s important that packaging provides optimum protection for products and is easy to open to avoid unhappy customers and minimise costs associated with damage and returns.

Trend 2: Demand for Easy Returns

Customers are not always satisfied with the purchases they make and may want to return faulty or unwanted items. Buying online can be particularly tricky, as customers don’t physically see items until they arrive.

Recent figures from the BBC reveal that almost two thirds of customers who bought women’s clothes online in the six months up to May 2016 sent at least one item back.

Retailers need to protect their brand and avoid customer dissatisfaction by sending products in packaging that is easily returnable. This will not only spare customers unnecessary hassle, but will also help you maximise product protection on its way back.

Trend 3: Customer Experience

Packaging can help to bring the customer experience to a whole new level. Imagine receiving a long awaited item that arrives in a beautiful, high-quality box, with a “thank you for your purchase” printed on the inside. How does it make you feel? Pretty good, right?

Adding a personalised message or a logo to your packaging helps to build stronger customer relationships, enhancing the overall experience with your brand. The more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they are to choose your brand again and recommend it to others too.

Trend 4: Sustainability

Packaging that is fit for purpose can help to minimise packaging waste by ensuring you only use as much packaging as necessary.

This helps to deliver savings in packing materials and courier charges while ensuring your products are well-protected in transit and storage. You will also please your customers; as smaller parcels will fit through their letterbox first time.

Trend 5: Reduced Costs

Periods of economic uncertainty encourage companies to make savings in their operation. Fast packing and well-utilised storage space are crucial in a busy eRetail environment.


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E-commerce statistics for individuals:

Most online clothes shoppers send something back: