Managing the growing demands for fast delivery

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Timely delivery is an important factor that contributes to creating a memorable shopping experience with your brand.

Customers can get frustrated when products fail to arrive on time and research shows they have high expectations when it comes to a delivery window.

A study by Sealed Air has revealed that almost four in five Americans believe online retailers should ship their orders in 24 hours or less. Just 17% are willing to wait between 25 and 48 hours for their order to arrive, and only 4% would wait more than 48 hours.*

Growing customer expectations put additional pressures on many online retailers who often need to find the right balance between product protection and fast delivery. Even if your products arrive within 24 hours but get damaged on the way, your customers will not be impressed!

Below are a few ideas to help you protect your products in transit while ensuring quicker product dispatch.

Discover the benefits of gummed paper tape

Gummed paper tape is much stronger than standard packing tape – once applied it does not break away from the box, which makes the whole parcel tougher and more secure. It is also quick and easy to apply with a tape machine, which dispenses the exact amount of tape you need and cuts it automatically.

This allows you to pack quicker while minimising the risk of product damage and ensuring your shipments look neat and professional. Gummed paper tape is also easy to print on, so why not add your logo or custom message to promote your brand in transit!

Switch to all-in-one pack designs

Innovative, all-in-one packaging solutions such as the Korrvu packaging range can help you assemble your orders faster while ensuring great product protection throughout the entire supply chain.

Korrvu inserts are made of highly-resilient film, which firmly holds products inside the box, meaning you do not need any additional cushioning. The boxes are self-sealing, which facilities faster packing and ensures your parcels are tidy and simply look great.

Consider packaging automation

Automation comes in many forms from manual tape dispensers, air bags and crash-lock boxes to fully automated machinery, including auto bagging solutions and box packing systems.

eCommerce auto bagging machines such as Adpak’s Comtex and Compacta allow products to be dispatched in secure, customised bags that offer the right fit for your products. You will dramatically increase the speed of your packing while benefiting from a fast return on investment.

Whatever the level of automation your company requires, Macfarlane Packaging can help you find the best packaging solutions to ensure your products reach your customers quickly and damage-free. Contact us today:


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