Location, location, location: more effective storage from Macfarlane’s range of pick-bin solutions

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The accelerating growth of on-line retailing has enormous implications for distribution and logistics specialists. Today, some 20%* of all UK non-food goods are purchased through the internet and the rise of ‘click and collect’ retailing reflects ever-increasing integration of website and store.

One of the challenges faced by on-line retailers is the relative anonymity of their customers and the breakdown of the loyalty factor. Prompt, efficient service brings repeat business. Failure to deliver the right goods – in prime condition – within the promised time means that customers will look elsewhere for their next purchase.

Faced with the demand for operational excellence in a very competitive market-place, logistics providers need to take every opportunity to reduce picking times and improve the efficiency of their warehouse space. Bespoke pick bins from Macfarlane Packaging have been introduced by several savvy operators and are proving to be effective tools to achieving these goals, without the need for significant capital investment.

Made from heavy duty corrugated fibreboard, the stackable bins are designed to meet specific user needs and sized to take maximum advantage of existing racking and shelving. Easily erected, they provide a flexible and cost-effective response to changing SKU storage needs. When not required, they are just as easily dismantled, and stored for future use.

A number of bin access options are available, including fully and partially open faces, straight or chute fronts, and the design can include a supported inner tray to subdivide the bin, increasing the number of pick locations and providing convenient locations for related goods.

Floor-mounted pick bins can be supplied with integral feet for pallet and fork lift handling equipment, along with shelf separators – especially useful when superficially similar products are stored in adjacent locations.

Same space, more storage.

Fluctuating demand for storage – new clients, additional product lines and seasonal specialities for example – can cause congestion and delays in order fulfilment. Macfarlane Packaging’s corrugated pick bins bring new levels of flexibility to the warehouse, transforming a fixed depot layout into a dynamic storage environment, readily adaptable to keep pace with changing requirements and future growth.

Macfarlane Packaging’s team of dedicated professionals, specialising in 3PL, retail and fulfilment warehouse applications, offers a ‘no obligation’ survey and free design service to determine the optimum solution to specific storage needs.

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