Innovation Lab delivers £12,000 saving for pick-and-pack operation

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If you are experiencing damages in transit don’t just absorb the costs associated with them – it’s time to investigate a solution to significantly reduce or, even better, eradicate them completely.

Our packaging experts help customers target reductions in damages on a daily basis but, we also offer intensive sessions at our Innovation lab (iLab) in Milton Keynes to speed up the process of identifying improvements in packing operations. Typically a solution is pinpointed on the day – it’s a hive of problem solving activity!

A recent success of the iLab team has been to help a fast paced multi-pick-and-pack operation tackle their damages head-on, delivering an impressive reduction of £12,000 in the first month – as the year goes on those savings will positively contribute to their bottom line.

The iLab team helped them find a solution to minimise damages to products shipped in reusable packs from their distribution hub to stores ensuring that products arrived with their end users intact. It’s not only a tick in the box for reducing damage costs, but reducing administration and improving customer experience.

So how does the iLab work?

Customers arrive with a conundrum and our team begin with a fresh approach to packaging that will deliver results. The day is spent collaborating, investigating the performance of existing packs, their products, process and transit handling. We are able to replicate packing stations, trial the latest packing machinery and, if appropriate, automation equipment. Our HoloLens software also supports the process allowing participants to visualise improvements in work spaces and transportation.

An onsite CAD table provides samples throughout the day for real time development and testing. The goal is to provide our customers with a printed proto-type to take back to their business for approval at the end of the day. A session in the iLab can speed up new packaging introduction by as much as 6 weeks.

The process is quick and simple – a real game changer if you are looking to reduce costs, speed up your packing operation, improve your carbon footprint or deliver a real “wow” to customers.

Why not contact us today to find out how we can help you reduce your shipment damages and get a session booked into the iLab?

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