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A recent study by Dotcom Distribution highlighted that “60% of consumers did more online shopping in the past 12 months than the previous 12 months”. With more and more items being purchased online, many customers first interact with your product when it is delivered to their door.

Custom packaging can save time and money, it also delivers a much more improved unboxing experience for your customers. The packaging is the first thing your customers will see and will influence their emotions from that point onwards. A beautifully packaged item will improve your brand’s image, positively influence customer perception and finally act as a key differentiator when compared to competitors.

In this blog we will discuss how custom packaging can enhance your customer experience:

Custom packaging can increase the value of your product

Often, the packaging of products is just as memorable as the product itself, therefore adopting custom packaging will increase the value of the product overall. For example, packaging that is easy to open, visually appealing, environmentally friendly and can be used for returns, is likely to be perceived as better quality in the eyes of the customer, thus increasing the value of your product and brand overall.

Delivers a personalised customer experience

Custom packaging will also allow you to deliver a personalised experience for your customers. For example, using a personalised message inside the package will surely impress your customers! It also offers a great opportunity to say thank you and influence your customers to have much more of a personal connection to your brand.

Custom packaging can increase sales

Customers will often have hundreds of products to choose from and making your product stand out from the crowd will get you noticed. Custom-designed packaging has a powerful impact when compared to traditional packaging. A good design that is clear and encompasses strong marketing messages will stand out from the crowd and give your brand the competitive advantage it deserves.

Help to build a loyal customer base

Often, customers associate brands with quality based on their last buying experience. Custom packaging allows for logos and marketing messages to be presented in a creative way. This is fundamental for retailers trying to increase brand awareness and create a memorable unboxing experience. If the use of custom packaging is utilised effectively, customers are most likely to purchase from you again or recommend your brand to others.

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