How to create a great unboxing experience for customers

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In our recent unboxing survey half of all participants described their unboxing experience as underwhelming. A third also said their unboxing experience did not encourage them to buy again from the retailer. On top of this, we uncovered an increase in unbranded packaging being delivered this year (45% vs. 32% in 2020)

If you read our blog often, you’ll know that we are firm believers in the power of packaging. It can protect your products AND be used to strengthen the connection between your brand and your customer. This works across all businesses in fact, whether you’re B2C or B2B.

packaging to create a greatunboxing experiences for customers

Missing an opportunity

To us, an underwhelming unboxing experience or unbranded packaging signifies a missed opportunity. You could be using your packaging as a marketing tool that promotes brand loyalty and inspires repeat sales.

This is particularly important if you’re an online retailer. In this instance, packaging is often the first physical touchpoint in your customer journey. The arrival of your parcel should spark joy and excitement when your customer receives and unpacks their newly purchased goods…

So, what makes a great unboxing experience?

packaging that is easy to open and recycle

Easy does it

Making it easy for your customers is the first rule. Packaging that’s easy to open and easy to recycle!

We’ve all broken out in a sweat wrestling with packaging. Trying to open a parcel with whatever comes to hand from the kitchen drawer. This can sometimes lead to the use of oversized knifes which score or damage the product under the tapeline too.

Easy open seals are a great addition to your packaging. They ensure that customers can open their parcels quickly, protecting the contents from damage caused by scissors or knives. They’re also more inclusive for an aging population and those who would struggle to open packaging without them.

the right amount of packaging

Using the right amount of packaging

Avoid overpacking your products. How many times have you wondered if the copious amounts of packaging you’ve received will fit in a household bin? If it’s only emptied once every two weeks as well, excess packaging can be a big inconvenience. It does somewhat detract from the overall unboxing experience!

Excess packaging takes away from the unboxing experience, but you also need to consider product protection. Striking a balance is important, as you need to ensure that your products arrive intact. So, you need to use fit for purpose packaging that delivers the right amount of protection with the minimum of material. Nobody enjoys the hassle of receiving broken items.

branded packaging

Talk to your customers

When you have customers in store, your staff are brand ambassadors. They will engage shoppers in conversation either during their commitment to buy or whilst bagging up their purchases. This can be replicated in an at home unboxing experience through printed packaging.

The packaging you use can be colourful, quirky, or pictorial. Messaging included on the packaging can tell the story and values of your company or simply thank them for their purchase. You may surprise and delight them! This can help you create individual experiences for your customers and shows them how much you value their business.

recyclable packaging

Make it easy to recycle

Our latest unboxing survey 97% said that they always follow recycling instructions. However, 14% told us they were unable to recycle their packaging as there were no clear instructions. Using sustainable packaging that’s easy to recycle and clearly labelled could help you make a big difference. You’d be helping consumers recycle and minimising your impact on the planet.

Swapping your plastic tape for gummed paper tape is a quick way to encourage easy recycling. As it’s made from paper, gummed paper tape doesn’t need to be removed from boxes before recycling. It’s also much stronger than traditional tape so you use less of it – reducing overall waste and improving pack appearance.

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