How temporary pick bins can help your warehouse

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If your business needs to react quickly to production increases and you are looking for a quick solution to reduce picking times and improve the efficiency of your warehouse space, then floor-mounted corrugate pick bins could be the answer.

Many increases are planned but, as the last few months have shown, sometimes they can come from nowhere and throw the operation into a state of turmoil. Forcing you to run just to stand still.

If this is an experience that you are familiar with, have you considered temporary pick bins? They are a great way to overhaul the warehouse quickly and without significant cost.

Available in either corrugate or Correx, temporary pick bins can:

  • create a more efficient pick and pack space to help decrease pick times
  • make better use of space to reduce the distance that your warehouse team need to cover
  • be dismantled with ease in times of lower capacity and stored flat ready to save another day!
  • help you to react quickly to spikes in demand for existing SKUs or incorporate new product lines.

Temporary pick bins are available in stock sizes or can be made to order in a number of bespoke sizes and designs – ensuring that you get the right fit for your warehouse. You can choose the bin access you require – fully and partially open faces, straight or chute fronts – and also customise an inner tray to subdivide the bin, increasing the number of pick locations further and allowing storage of like product in adjacent locations. They can also be made with integral feet for pallet and forklift handling.

If you think temporary pick bins could help your business, why not contact Macfarlane Packaging today.

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