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2021 was a record year of investment in and leasing of UK logistics space. Over 70 million sq ft of warehouse space was let in 2021 – that’s more than double the pre-pandemic average! Our peak survey also indicated that 18% of retail and 3PL businesses don’t have enough room for their product AND their packaging during busy periods.

So, space is in high demand… Particularly in industries where accelerated growth means businesses are outgrowing their current workspace. But how can you create room for growth without renting more space? Let us tell you…

If you can reduce the storage footprint of your packaging, the impact could help you to rethink your floorspace. The result? You’ve got the room you need to expand and support growth, while keeping costs manageable.

To help you get started, here are four packaging switches that can help you save storage space…


fillpak void fill

Lose the loosefill

If you’re using large volumes of loosefill to pack product (also known as packing peanuts), the storage footprint can be enormous. Typically sold in volumes of around 15 cubic feet, packing peanuts can eat up valuable warehouse space.

Investigate replacing it with a recycled content airbag or paper packaging system to reduce the amount of storage space you need. For example, a compact block of paper can fill as much void as 6 packs of loosefill. It’s smaller, easier to store and doesn’t spill all over the warehouse (or your customers) floor!

airsac packaging

Ditch polystyrene for packaging that’s more compact

Polystyrene offers good protection and thermal properties but is incredibly bulky to store. It can also be hard to dispose of too!

If you are using it as protective solution, consider switching to an inflatable replacement. Airsac® packaging is stored flat and then quickly inflated when you need to use it. It provides maximum protection and minimises the amount of space taken up in storage before use. Just one box of Airsac® can replace an entire pallet of polystyrene.

If you are using polystyrene because of its thermal properties, you could swap it for a more slimline temperature controlled packaging option. Products such as RecycoolMe or Coolimate arrive flat on a pallet, so you can save space. When used with coolant they can maintain a specified temperature for up to 48 hours.

NewAir I.B. Flex

Pop the bubble wrap

Bubble wrap provides fantastic protection but isn’t necessarily the right choice for your business if storage is an issue. Consider switching to a bubble on demand option, which inflates the material as required. This dramatically reduces your storage footprint.  NewAir I.B.® Flex can inflate up to 90 ft of material per minute!  There are also paper based options that work in the same way.

packaging optimiser

See if you can use less packaging

Sounds obvious but if you use less packaging, you need less room to store it!

packaging review could help to identify improvements in your packing process and deliver a reduction in the amount of packaging materials you use and store onsite, releasing valuable warehouse space.

At Macfarlane Packaging we also offer off-site storage and Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery of packaging.  This frees up both warehouse space and cash-flow, as you purchase stock only when it’s needed.

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