Four space efficient packaging solutions to ship glass bottles

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Summer is coming to an end. So goodbye to the Pimm’s and floral gins in the garden. Hello red wine and hot toddies in front of “must see” Autumn TV. Then it’s Christmas… Eek! It really is just around the corner.

Online alcohol sales have flourished over the last 18 months, partly driven by a veritable army of artisan producers. These new producers have reached an ever bolder British public through a proliferation of new ecommerce stores.

Christmas brings with it the mother of all demand spikes for alcohol. This creates pressure at the distribution level– supplying retail outlets, restaurants, and bars. It also stresses online retail operations and affects the corporate gifting market. Storing the increased stock of bottle packaging – which traditionally has been polystyrene based and bulky – can give you a headache before you even think about having the first drink of the season.

So, here are four ways to ship glass bottles, which take up minimal storage space but provide maximum protection. They will help to ensure your deliveries bring a festive “cheers!”.

An eco-friendly way to ship glass bottles


Two surfing mad brothers designed Flexi-Hex® to protect their precious boards and the local marine environment. Since then, it has evolved into a form of stylish, biodegradable packaging, ideal for protecting bottles. The concertina style honeycomb packs are eye catching, very effective and completely plastic free.

Flexi-Hex® comes flat packed so a minimum of storage space is required. The kit comprises a protective sleeve which expands into an impact resistant layer around a bottle. It includes a self-sealing pinch top postal box, which adds an extra level of protection.


Airsac® is an innovative, inflatable packaging system. It was developed specifically to protect fragile and breakable goods in transit, so it’s perfect to ship glass bottles. When inflated it is composed of just 2% film and 98% air. It is very compact when not inflated, making it easy to store. It can be used multiple times and is fully recyclable.

Ship glass bottles in a pack that also makes them look great


Korrvu® bottle packs hold the product securely in place with strong, highly resilient low-slip film. This protect bottles from shock and vibration. Additionally, it attractively presents your branded product.

Wine Bottle shipper Boxes

We offer strong, durable bottle boxes for either 6 or 12 bottles of wine. These are available with flat pack “pop up” corrugate dividers. Not only does this mean they take up less storage space, it also makes the packs quick and easy to assemble.  These are a great option if you are sending out full pallets of bottles.

Macfarlane Packaging carry a full range of bottle packs, suitable for the shipment of single bottles or multiple packs.  Contact us today to find out more about our range.

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