Four environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional padded envelopes

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With more of a focus on sustainability, a surge of new, innovative and sustainable packaging solutions are being released to the market with the sole purpose of protecting the environment.

Padded envelopes are one of the most popular types of packaging solutions available today! Usually, made up from paper and plastic bubble wrap, padded envelopes are the ideal solution for posting anything that is fragile. The use of single-use plastics in padded envelopes is fast becoming redundant as it makes the process of recycling difficult.

Sustainable alternatives do exist and are available to purchase today!


Enviroflute is a recyclable, biodegradable, waterproof padded mailing bag. Made from FSC paper and offers the same level of protection compared to traditional padded envelopes via a patented internal design. Enviroflute is a great sustainable alternative, the lightweight sleek design can save you postage, storage and transport costs.


Mail Lite® mailers

Mail Lite® mailing products make up the most complete line of cushioned and non-cushioned mailers in the industry. Using FSC certified non-PE coated paper makes the process of recycling easier. This also means it is now easy to separate the bubble from the outer paper without compromising the cushioning performance. The internal bubble is made with at least 60% recycled content.


Padded Mailers

These eco-friendly envelopes feature a unique tear strip and provide excellent product protection. The convenient tear strip and a re-scored flap make closure more efficient, also the smooth inner lining allows for easy product insertion. These padded mailers are made up of 100% recycled paper and are widely recycled but do weigh a little heavier than traditional bubble lined mailers.

Padded Mailers

Paper Mailing Bags

These environmentally friendly paper bags are a recyclable alternative to polythene based mailing bags. They have a self-sealing strip that helps ensure products are securely locked inside the bag when in transit.

As no extra adhesive is required, the packages look neat and the in-built tear strip makes them easy to open – all this contributes to creating a positive customer experience. The bags are available in different sizes to suit different products.

All the products discussed in this blog are available to order today! Contact Macfarlane Packaging to discuss your requirements.

Paper Mailing Bags

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