Communicating your brand values through your packaging

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Who does not like receiving parcels that arrive on time, damage-free and beautifully-presented?

Packaging plays a key role in protecting products on the way to customers, but it can also offer so much more! It is the first point of interaction with your brand on delivery before customers see the products inside. And first impressions matter.

Packaging can be a great tool to emphasise your company’s goals and values. If you talk about protecting the environment on your website and shout about your corporate responsibility objectives on social media, yet overfill your parcels with excess packaging, then something’s wrong. You are sending contradictory messages to your customers…

Perhaps a sustainable packaging solution that uses only as much infill material as necessary to protect your products would be a better option to support your environmental positioning…

Changing your existing packaging does not always have to be costly.

  • Consider branding your boxes with a company logo or adding colours and personalised messages inside your parcels to offer a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.
  • Look at adding colourful tissue paper inside your parcels to uplift the presentation of your products or put a ribbon around it for that extra WOW finish. Both can be printed with your company logo or a custom message if you want to go the extra mile.
  • Printed tape is also a low-cost solution to brand your shipments, and it lets you experiment with different designs due to low minimum order quantities.

Remember that sometimes investing in a new packaging design can bring significant cost savings in the long run. If you are overfilling your parcels with excess bubble wrap or paper cushioning, that adds to your material costs.

Your products are also more likely to get damaged in transit if your packaging is not optimised for the contents, and replacing broken items can be costly…

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