How branded packaging can increase customer loyalty

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Packaging plays a significant role in delivering a great customer experience as it is the first thing your customers see before interacting with your products!

A report from Dotcom shows that 52% of online customers are likely to make another purchase from the same business if products arrive in premium packaging. Furthermore, 4 in 10 respondents admitted they were willing to share an image of their parcels on social media if the packaging was unique.

Branded, personalised packaging is a perfect way to show your customers they are important to you. A study by Smithers Pira reveals customer loyalty can often rise by over 40% if personalisation is used.

We put together a few ideas to help you “get personal” with your packaging.

Printed boxes
Adding a personalised message inside your packaging helps create a memorable unboxing experience with your brand. Short messages thanking your customers for their purchase or encouraging them to leave feedback make them feel valued.

Some retailers also use fragrant packaging to intensify the experience or add small, personalised videos inside their packs. This is a great way to showcase the real people behind your brand!

You can also print your boxes with your company name and logo for stronger brand recognition, enabling customers to identify the parcel is from you the moment it arrives.

Tissue paper
This relatively inexpensive but effective solution will help elevate the presentation of your products, making the unboxing process even more enjoyable. You can choose a tissue paper that reflects the colours of your brand or one specific to an occasion e.g. red for Valentine’s or pastels for Easter.

Tissue papers can also be printed with a logo or custom message giving your packages that extra WOW factor and they are recyclable too.

Air cushioning
If you use air bags, consider printing them with your logo or custom message to improve the appearance of your parcels. This way you can combine product protection with an improved presentation of your products.

Printed tape
This low-cost solution is ideal for smaller budgets and those who want to add a subtle personalised touch to their packages. It can be printed with any design and message and it also minimises parcel tempering – once removed from the box, it cannot be re-applied without noticing!

Printed strapping
Custom-printed strapping is another solution that helps deter attempts at tampering as it also cannot be easily replaced. It also ensures your shipments look smarter and stand out from the norm increasing the likelihood of potential customers noticing your brand.

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