5 eco-friendly packaging products to reduce packaging waste

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Every day consumers are becoming more and more aware of packaging and sustainability – and packaging waste. In fact, almost 1 in 5 respondents in our unboxing survey said that they wouldn’t buy from a retailer that didn’t use eco-friendly packaging. And consumers aren’t alone in prioritising their sustainability – 47% of businesses that took part in our peak survey research also said improving their sustainability was a goal for them in 2022.

If you’re a business looking to improve your sustainability, packaging is a good place to start. It can have a big impact on everything from your emissions through to the waste you create in your supply chain.

To help you in your sustainability journey, we’ve curated five eco-friendly packaging products that can help you reduce your packaging waste…

1. Paper packing tape

Paper tape is a fantastic tape environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic packing tape.

On face value, paper tape is recyclable at kerbside and made from a renewable material, which are both great environmental credentials. Plus, paper tape is stronger and more durable than plastic packing tape. This means that you can often use less tape when you’re sealing your packaging with paper packing tape.  This instantly cuts  packaging waste. When teamed with an automatic paper tape dispenser, you can have even more control over the process.

Automatic dispensers have pre-set dispensing controls, which enables you to monitor the exact amount of tape you need, further driving down your packaging waste.

2. Packaging Automation

Packaging automation is a great way to increase your packaging throughput while minimising your packaging waste. You might not think automation is an eco-friendly packaging option. But think again! Automation gives you greater control over the amount of packaging material you use, preventing packers using too much.

When you combine this with a sustainable packing material like paper cushioning, you can make your packing processes even more environmentally friendly. For example, automation can eliminate the need for labour-intensive crumpling of paper. This ensures fast product despatch and no overfilling, keeping packaging waste to a minimum.

3. Flexi-Hex® bottle packaging

Flexi-Hex is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable alternative to plastic and polythene bottle packaging. Flexi-Hex is the perfect eco-friendly packaging product if you’re shipping bottles. If you want the end-user to be able to recycle and cut packaging waste out of your supply chain.

The unique honeycomb structure of Flexi-Hex product provides excellent protection in transit, helping cut down damages, which can contribute to supply chain waste. They’re also stored flat and only expanded on use, so they can help you save space in your warehouse too.

4. Paper Mailing Bags

Do you currently use plastic mailing bags? If you’re looking for an eco-friendly packaging alternative, paper mailing bags are the way forward. By switching to paper mailing bags, you can eliminate a large amount of plastic packaging waste from your supply chain.

Paper mailing bags are also incredibly easy for consumers to recycle at kerbside as they’re 100% recyclable, biodegradable and made from sustainable materials. Paper mailing bags require no extra adhesive, making them easy to pack and dispatch. This can help you ensure packing times are just as efficient as when you use a traditional mailing bag.

5. Geami WrapPak®

Another great eco-friendly packaging option that can help you reduce packaging waste is Geami WrapPak. This unique, expanding die-cut paper has excellent cushioning properties, so you often need less material to provide a high level of protection in transit.

Geami WrapPak is flexible and can be used to pack a wide range of products. It’s also made from sustainably sourced materials and can be recycled easily, helping reduce end-of-life packaging waste.

If your business is interested in learning more about eco-friendly packaging options, why not download our sustainable packaging specialogue? For more information, click here.

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