4 ways to reduce the amount of packaging you use

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Following the disruption of the last 6 months, the environment is now slowly moving back to the forefront of many business agendas.

This is a great time to review your packaging and identify ways to use less, reducing the environmental impact of your operation.

When you use less packaging you are not only reducing your overall waste, but business costs too.  It’s a win-win situation.

Here are 4 areas that could deliver opportunities to reduce packaging use and uncover potential savings:

Analyse your stretch wrap

If you are using high volumes of conventional machine stretch wrap, a switch to a performance film can dramatically reduce the amount of film needed.  They provide like for like load containment using a lot less material, reducing your overall tonnage of plastic annually.  A stretch wrap audit, conducted by a packaging professional, doesn’t take long and can reduce your stretch wrap use by as much as 50%.

Re-assess your corrugate

If you have been using the same specification of boxes for a long time, then it could be time to try a fresh approach. Board grade evaluation and rethinking the box orientation could uncover material savings that may deliver a cost reduction too.  If you can reduce the size of your boxes, you may also reduce the amount of void fill needed, removing yet more packaging from your operation.

Switch your tape

If you use high quantities of polypropylene or vinyl tape, consider a switch to gummed paper tape. Paper tape can appear more expensive at first glance but, when used with an electronic dispenser set to cut your tape at a uniform size, you can use a lot less material. As it forms a strong adherence to cardboard it removes the need to H tape. You’re removing literally miles of plastic, using less tape and spending less.

Get a professional packaging review

As well as uncovering savings in packaging materials, a professional packaging review can also identify environmental improvements and savings right across your business including storage, transport, administration, damages and improve your productivity.

Why not contact Macfarlane Packaging today for more ideas on how to save costs within your business.

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