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Well, in the words of Barry Manilow, it looks like we made it through…. Yep, 2020 was that kind of year, one that makes me reach for a Manilow lyric. I suspect 2021 will buck the usual trend of pious lifestyle commitments – surely, we’re all suffering “new hobby fatigue”? I’ve a sneaking suspicion we’ll be committing to going out more often and never missing a social opportunity – when it’s safe to do so, obviously.

January is a traditional time for change, that’s even more prevalent in 2021 as we embark on life outside of the EU. It’s a good chance to review what’s happened in the previous 12 months, think about how to build on any successes, investigate process improvements to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Macfarlane Packaging publish weekly blogs to help businesses target improvements in these areas. We’ve pulled together a few key articles that may provide some inspiration for change.

Let’s start with Brexit. If you are shipping goods to Europe using any form of timber packaging, our blog “Do your pallets need to be ISPM15 grade for shipment to Europe in 2021?” should help to determine any considerations for your business.

Improving Efficiency
If improving efficiency is your concern, you may be interested in:
“Increase efficiency in your warehouse and packing operation today” ,
“3 packaging tips to keep up with increased order demand” and
“4 low cost packaging automation systems that are quick to install”.

Cost Reduction
We know that cost reduction is important to pretty much all businesses, our blogs:

“Reducing costs through transportation”,
“Reducing costs through packaging supplier consolidation”,
“Reducing your business costs – what you could do differently” and
“How to reduce the cost of packaging waste recovery notes” should provide some food for thought.

If the environment is back on your agenda after a particularly tough year, you may want to take a look at
“Two quick wins to reduce the amount of plastic in your packaging”,
“What’s the difference between recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging?” and
“Understanding the proposed UK Plastic Tax”.


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