How to create a memorable unboxing experience

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In today’s fiercely competitive online retail market, standing out is crucial. And creating a memorable unboxing experience can play a key role in differentiating your brand.

Unboxing offers a unique chance to engage with customers and make a lasting impact. But what is unboxing, and what does it entail?

In this article, we’ll define unboxing, consider the importance of the unboxing experience for retailers and provide actionable insights that can help you create an unforgettable unboxing experience with your packaging.

unboxing experience

What is unboxing?

Unboxing is when a consumer removes newly purchased products from its packaging, opening and revealing the contents.

What started as a creative trend for tech vloggers in the mid-2000s, is now a huge phenomenon. It’s estimated that there were over 25 billion views of unboxing videos on YouTube last year.

Unboxing creates anticipation about products and the brands associated with them. Consumers get a dopamine hit and a good unboxing experience can leave a long-lasting impression.

The importance of unboxing in ecommerce and online retail

Unboxing is a vital aspect of the customer experience in the ecommerce and online retail industry. The unboxing experience goes beyond merely opening a package. It holds the potential to create a memorable and positive impression on customers. It can also influence future customer purchases.

In fact, research from Think with Google also suggests that 62% of consumers watch unboxing videos when researching a purchase. Plus, unboxing videos are considered the fourth most influential content type social media users find helpful when making buying decisions. 

The unboxing experience an online retailer creates and the packaging it uses can set the tone for brand perception. This is particularly true if you’re a pure-play ecommerce business, as packaging is the first tangible experience a consumer has of your brand.

Well-packaged and thoughtfully presented products can convey quality and attention to detail, as well as your thoughts on sustainability. By incorporating your branding or a unique design on a package, you also enhance brand recognition and deliver a cohesive brand experience. This can reinforce consumers’ connection with your brand and increase brand loyalty too.

Our own unboxing research highlights that a positive unboxing experience with branded packaging makes 41% of consumers likely to buy from a retailer again.

So, a memorable unboxing experience goes beyond that first customer interaction. It can drive future sales, foster loyalty and can even help you gain social media and online video reviews. This can lead to increased visibility and organic promotion of your brand, ultimately attracting new customers and generating more sales.

Creating a memorable unboxing experience

When it comes to creating a memorable unboxing experience, packaging is a key component. Not only will packaging protect your products and deliver them in one piece, but it’s an opportunity to wow your customers too.

The role of packaging in unboxing

The packaging you use sets the stage for your unboxing experience. It’s often the first physical interaction your customers have with your brand. Plus, packaging also represents a business’s largest owned media.  

The design, material, packaging, and presentation all affect how enjoyable the unboxing experience is. Effective packaging can save money, protect products, and create anticipation and enjoyment when delivering your goods. So, what actionable tips can you apply to your packaging to ensure your unboxing experience is memorable?

Tips for creating a memorable unboxing experience through packaging

  • Make sure your packaging fulfils its primary purpose – protection. Ultimately, the transit packaging you use is there to make sure your goods get from A to B without any damage.
  • Choose packaging that meets expectations of your consumers. Packaging should be easy to open, not use excess material and be easy to use for returns, if necessary.
  • Opt for sustainable packaging materials. Research has shown that consumers view eco-friendly packaging as a priority for retailers. Make sure you choose sustainable materials and a design that is light and space efficient to minimise carbon emissions in transit.
  • Design your packaging so it reflects your brand. Custom packaging that includes your logos and brand colours ensures you give the right impression of your brand. It also helps to set the tone of shopping interactions with you in the future. You can apply branding devices to boxes (inside and out), labels, bags, tape and even fill materials.
  • Clearly print packaging with key information your customers need to know. If your packaging is recyclable, it is helpful to highlight how it can be recycled. You may also want to include seasonal campaign messages or other pertinent information (e.g. if goods inside are fragile).
  • Consider personalisation and embellishment to make your packaging stand out. Personalising packaging, as well as content, can make customers feel special and singled out. For example, cards with handwritten notes (if appropriate for your productivity) can make the unboxing experience more memorable. Alternatively, small inclusions, like free samples or candy, can sweeten the unboxing experience. 
  • Make your packaging interactive with connected packaging. Printing your packaging design with QR codes or barcodes can allow your customers to launch interactive experience if they scan then with a smartphone. This can be as simple as launching a web page or a full-on augmented reality experience or game. Click here to learn more.

Expert support so you can master your unboxing experience

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